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doors and think you're safe. howard county police are warning us about a string of burglaries. one man has broken into 10 homes in ellicott city, columbia, and wood bine. police are warning people to lock dead bolts. call 911 if you have information. a 16-year-old girl named katie is making national headlines after she and her mother took their battle against bullying public. a group formed a group called kkk, kill katie club. police got involved and ended up arresting two of the students in the club. >> whatever happened at m&t bank stadium tonight, hopefully we will not be talking about the
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refs. the deal includes regular raises and pension details. most importantly we get our experienced officials back. >> we're taking on the browns. >> taking on the browns. john harbaugh has never lost. i want this to be a 34-7 game. let them go home in the third quarter. end it early. >> we want good weather. it's clear. it's a pretty good looking skyline. it's muggy and mild. notice it's been a line of showers and storms. first, frederick, and we'll see embedded thunderstorms roll in here. take a look our to the west.
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powerful storms going into leesburg and frederick county. this is south of the area. maryland's most powerful radar future scan. it lifts everything to the north and east. here's baltimore, the action to the west. everything stays to the west through the 8:00 hour but eventually we're going to see the scattered showers move in. if you're doing out to the game, know it's a mild start a dry start. here come the showers and storms. easterly wind at five to 10 with a temperature around 73 degrees. showers, storms linger into tonight but it is a wet commute turning into a sunny day going into friday. we'll break down the forecast coming up. parents, one threng you want top keep -- thing you want to keep on your radar, the risk of concussions. >> it's a team effort from the
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parents, coaches, teachers. lynn disa so tells -- linda so tells us about a new way to help everyone work together. >> reporter: 14-year-old tyler is hoping things go smeergt than last year. an accident left him with a concussion. >> i had no idea he would miss so much -- so many sports and so much of school. it was a month of school work we had to make up. >> reporter: many teachers are surprised the effects of a concussion can linger for weeks. some feel a team approach is most effective. >> the educators are the ones who scan really take the reigns on -- reins on this and help. >> reporter: a team of concussion specialists developed one of the most comprehensive
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programs out there. >> we realize every school has resources. it helps assign rolls to the members and what their responsibilities are. >> reporter: teachers can help identify symptoms day to day. counselors can help make accommodations and administrators can communicate between family and school staff. after recovering from symptoms, tyler is back to normal and his mom is grateful there's now a guide. >> i would love for our coaches to know, for our teachers to know. >> reporter: linda so, abc2 news. >> if your child suffers a country cushion, be sure to -- concussion, let your school know so they can monitor them. >> we have a complete resource guide at
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this guide will give you everything you need to know. for the latest information on recognizing them to rankings of the safest helmets. there's a less of questions every parent should ask. for children using the child safety seats, next month a new state law goes into effect that removes the weight exemption for children under eight. it's new being replaced with a height restriction. >> so right now if your child weighs 165 pounds, we -- you can transport your child in a motor vehicle without being in a safety seat. that exemption will be removed. any child under the age of eight must be in a child safety seat
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unless they're over 4'9" tall. >> for more information or help installing it, you can call maryland kids and safety seats 1-800-370-seat. let's talk about the future of the theater. it was a trouble spot this weekend. so -- so the board can do nothing or suspend the lns. $30,000. that's how much each of the students in this video are being offered for being pepper sprayed. police said they were trying to empty out an occupy encampment but an officer sprayed one of the students in the face. the office are in the video no long are works for the school.
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>> a teen is dead and now a disturbing warning. police said a 15-year-old boy and his friends were playing something called the passout game. after watching the video on youtube, he made himself pass out but when he landed forward he ended up on glass and cut his neck. police have been spending serious resources trying to raise the seriousness of this game. >> it's not realistic for parents to be with their kids 24/7. it's critical they share incidents and discuss the risks involved in engaging in some of these behaviors that are readily available on the internet. >> last night dozens of teens and community members held an event in his honor. which companies haven't
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agreed to stop renting cars. >> there's no magic bullet for wet loss. how to get your hands on the latest tech until jill for cutting calories. >> there is maryland's most powerful radar, clear overhead, but there are big storms to the south and west. that will be a problem for the ravens game. we'll show you the seven-day coming up on the news at 5.
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five of the biggest rental car companies have reached an agreement, just as legislation that would make the rentals illegal are moving through congress. the associated press is reporting enterprise, hertz, avis, dollar, thrifty are part of the deal. legislation was developed after two women were killed when their rental car caught fire. that car was under recall for a defect that had not been repaired. another scam targeting seniors. police say criminals are tracking down names and bank account numbers of people on social security and illegally rerouting their benefits to other accounts and debit cards.
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the social security administration is getting people to direct deposit which makes it more attractive to identity thieves. one of the biggest problems people face while trying to lose weight is how to keep track of it. that's where technology comes in. this man used to weigh 250-pounds but lost 75 using an app. >> it tells how much fat and sodium was in the things i was eating. >> many of the apps include lose it, but they clan also scan bar codes in grocery stores to automatically tally the calories. >> what's that smell? pine sol, yeah. we got it all at home. which ones work the best.
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there's ajax. the report is ranking our cleaning guide. >> and it's shrouded in secrecy. a look at what the author has. harry potter as an adult.
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we'll take a look at time lapse photography. notice a decent amount of clouds. it's a nice shot downtown. it's muggy. it's mild, certainly not feeling like lake september, early october. 76 in town. 64% humidity. that's what you're feeling.
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made it up to 1 at bwi. 83 degrees in dulles, but this is a really impressive stat. easton was close to 80. more sun to the south and east. more clouds to the north and west. 76 right now. 81 degrees in dulles. 79 toward frederick. 73 toward dover where you're getting air off the atlantic. moisture levels are also up. so that's an indication we have muggy air on top of us. 73 degrees. it's a mild nighttime temperature of 69. a pair of sixes with scattered showers. things will recover and we'll see sunshine tomorrow afternoon. clear overhead. toward the west, that's where things are starting to go
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downhill. frederick will get a downpour of rain and powerful storms over northern virginia, moving through leesburg over the next 35 to 45 minutes. severe thunderstorm warning. they have been nasty the last several hours. our western communities first and then we'll address this. right around halftime during the ravens dpai. all the showers and clouds are in place in response to the station -- stationary front. that is what has been funneling in the showers. take a look at temperatures. 82347 atlanta. memphis at 87. compare that to click of 63 degrees. we'll tap into the cooler air. that awaits into the weekend. future trend showing scattered showers through the 9:00 hour. wake up to a spot shower
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tomorrow morning. watch as everything pushes off to the east. it's a blend of sunshine, another mild day, upper 70s around 80. all indications point to saturday being a mixture of sunshine and clouds. 64 in town. keep an eye to the sky. mild conditions will be out there. 79 tomorrow is your two-degree darn tee with a spot shower. even cecil county a late day shower. 71 on saturday. boston in town through the weekend. maybe a late shower at 72 and 70s rein supreme going into next week. >> president obama and mitt romney campaigned once again in the same state two days in a row. tory dunnan joins u live from washington. yesterday it was ohio. where were the candidates taking their message to today? >> they decided to hold events
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at pretty much the same time. let's take a look hoot the numbers. this is a cnn poll. it shows president obama has a lead over mitt romney 50% to 44%. both decided to criticize each other's economic plans. >> my opponent a big believer in topdown economics. we tried it in the last decade before i was elected president. it didn't work then and it won't work now. >> our economy needs to be reinvigorated and the president has laid out his plan. it's a continuation of the old plan. we can't afford four more years of the last four years, all right? >> reporter: back in 2008 virginia ended up going to obama. he was the first democrat to take the state since 1964. >> troy, both candidates have new ads out. tell us what we can expect to hear in the new campaign ads? >> reporter: let's start with the obama campaign.
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they release lad scaightsing new ad today -- scathing new ad today. basically it uses those hidden camera comments of romney. here if -- it is. >> there are 47% of the people who believe they are victims, who believe government last a responsibility to take care of them. >> reporter: romney is hitting obama on his energy policy. >> obama wages war on cold. using more coal every day. now your job is in danger. >> reporter: we've also learned the romney campaign will be slightly upping their ad buys in key battleground states. this next story, certainly not a political ad you would have seen a few years ago. the king of cool, sometimes the king of cursing, samuel l.
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jackson is reaching out to voters in a new ad. jackson tells people to wake the "f" up. you fill in the blaimption. how do you get that stain out of that couch or the counter in the kitchen? what do you use to make sure your world is spotless. we have more on the best stain removers you can buy. >> they claim to be heavy duty but can all purpose cleaners really do it all. consumer reports put these 19 brand cleaners to the test on tough stains in the kitchen and bathroom and found only one with enough cleaning power that warns the -- warrants the name all purpose. >> it handled grease, grape juice, soap scum, a variety of other stains. >> reporter: consumer reports said there were a hand full of
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losers, including whip it. it costs 62-cents per use and performs lousy. >> it isn't going to do the job on most of the things. >> reporter: while no spray cleaner made the recommended list, a couple of green products made the top two, seventh generation and green works. the best is in your kitchen cabinet already -- vinegar. >> actually it outperformed every commercial spray cleaner. brands like lysol, ajax, the vinegar beat them all. >> reporter: consumer reports finding products with usda or organic on the label. that means it's 95% plant based. coming up at 6:00, the
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ravens will be holding a pregame ceremony for the widow of a ravens. and local schools were encouraged to go orange to back the birds. the lucky kids who won and got a vest from some of the favorite orioles today. those stories and more all new at 6:00. here's a look at what's coming up at 6:30. >> did you take it? >> no, sir. >> see what as. the full exclusive tonight with diane sawyer. you.
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and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours accelerate receivables, manage payments, and help ensure access to credit. because we know how important cash flow is to reaching your goals. pnc bank. for the achiever in you.
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you will not find muzzles or half bloods in this book but harry potter author jk rowling is hoping you like what she writes. it's called casual vacancy and it is described as a descra a about social tensions and class divisions and clearly towar adults. >> you've seen the ads. now the pippa dream has given you a chance to see wicked for less. enter your name. if you win you get two orchestra seats for $25. that is a steal. coming up at 6:00, a daughter is desperately trying to find her elderly mother who went missing from an assistant living facility. >> that story and more coming up
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on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. if you're watching us from howard county, you better lock it up. you're being victimized by a bold burglar. >> the orioles took the time to visit a lucky school. how the school was rewarded for going orange. >> you're looking live at m&t bank stadium. the orioles have the night off but we can still cheer to watch our ravens battle the cleveland browns. good evening. i'm jamie costello. >> i saw purple everywhere. everyone wants to know will it be dry tonight? >> let's check in a real referee, mike masco. he's

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